The mystical journey drives us into ourselves, to a sacred flame at our center. -Marianne Williamson

Hello, Dear Soul...


I see you. You give so much to everyone around you.

Being the friend that always answers the call.

Being the family member that always picks up the pieces of your loved ones.

You give everyone, everything, all the time.

And yet, it seems you don't get back what you give.


Your heart is tired. Your bones are weary. And your mind is constantly searching for answers in the storm.

It's time to give yourself what you so often give others.


In this sacred container we explore the various spaces in our lives that are no longer nourishing us.

We look at our energetic boundaries and redesign something that truly works for all.

By nurturing your heart your spirit awakens.

Your intuitive senses come online again.

Clarity settles in and using your voice comes with ease.


In this retreat we will be focusing on the heart as the bridge to all experiences.

It is the bridge of the human and the soul.

The bridge of the mundane and the magick.

The bridge to empathy and compassion in a generally harsh world.

Emotional intelligence is the power center that is available to all, but where few allow themselves access.

By tapping into the second dantien (heart center) we allow the wisdom within to flourish in our lives.

It becomes the lantern in the dark, a light to guide us on our path.

With each step, we heal your relationship with trust and you remember that you do know what you're doing.


To know thyself is to know the heart.

To know the heart, we gather in safe community and explore where you became disconnected to begin with.

I have created a divinely guided experience, through a system of vortexes and sacred sites meant to heal and rebuild your connection to your inner wisdom.

Every step we take will be purposeful. Every practice, with intent.

It's time for you to remember who you truly are, not who you think you had to become to survive.

It's time to come home deal soul, home to yourself.


This won't be like other retreats 


Over the years my retreats have....shifted.

I started out like most, having a structured schedule of topics and practices.

I tried my damnedest to stick to the schedule and get all the activities in each time, thinking that's what made a successful event.

But Spirit had other plans.

It got to the point where nothing I had written down was what we experienced.

My guides would tap on my shoulder and say, "we have something else in mind" and so, I let go of my own agenda and trusted.

Don't get me wrong, I'm just as much of a control freak as some of you, but when I surrendered to the flow of guidance, the transformations that I witnessed have been the deepest, most life changing experiences to date. 

Turns out, they knew what everyone needed more than I ever could.

So I ditched the agenda and simply allow Spirit to show us the way.

I have a general intention: To hold a safe space so that each and every person experiences exactly what they need to feel connected, to heal, and to remember who they truly are.

But beyond that we are 100% led, guided, and supported by our guides, angels, and master teachers.


I have tools and practices that support the deconstruction of the masks we have used to shield us from that divinity.

I know how to walk with someone through their shadows and traumas, and how to integrate the wounded parts to bring back a sense of wholeness. 

I know how fast or how slow we can move through these spaces, to get the most healing while also tending to the nervous system. 

I know when you are up against resistance and we can sit in the discomfort and feel the stretch and I know when you are dis-regulated or triggered and how to get you back out safely.

This is my gift. I can feel the waves of frequency and like a captain of a ship, I know how to read the waves of the ocean and navigate us group successfully back to shore.


I trust that each moment will unfold perfectly for each individual person and that we as a group will be nourished for having witnessed each other.


Here's what the 2022 retreat participants had to say about a divinely guided experience:


So what is planned? 

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Day Trips & Hiking the Vortexes

Vortexes, labyrinths, sacred sites, and all the magick you can handle! Each activity will allow you to weave with the energy the land has to offer. Moving with guidance, we will craft a retreat intended to nourish your heart, mind, body, and soul. The healing energy of Sedona is truly transformative, gently unearthing the places within you that need love, attention, and acceptance. 

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Healing Ceremonies 

As we gather in full surrender of our healing journey, the wounded parts step forward and request our attention. Through the traumas of our lives, these parts have been splintered off into all directions of the universe. As we step fully into the healing spaces of this retreat, we will reclaim all that we are and call these sacred pieces home.

Professional Support

This will be a trauma informed event lead by a Licensed SafeSpace® Facilitator that can hold space for you in your perfect process. It's natural as we dive into our depths that old wounds and stories begin to surface. You can rest assure that we can guide you through the process of allowing them to come forward and heal. It is your time to finally feel safe in your body.

Tailored Spiritual Sessions

 Divinely guided conversations led by multiple instructors that will support you in becoming the most authentic version of yourself. These sessions will be designed to integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of ourselves, allowing us to step more fully into our sovereign expression.

Care of our Light Bodies

This holistic event is intended to support our whole human expression. We will tend to the healing of our light bodies through Angel Valley's high vibrational foods and healing natural wells. We will also gather daily for Qigong led by a certified instructor designed specifically for our heart-centered intention during  this retreat. 

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Sacred Connections

Our souls are aching to feel the connection that was once readily available through our sacred communities of ancient times. This space will be held so sacredly that you can show up as the fullest, messiest version of yourself. Together we will laugh, cry, and embody what it means to be in community. When we are held, we heal.

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Check out what Laura said!

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"I have been working with Morrighan for at least the last 4 years, either through one on one coaching or through classes/retreats and I love the way that she has helped me to be more accepting of myself. She is a person who has walked the walk not just talked the talk. She won't sugar coat things to make you feel better. Be willing and ready to work"

~Laura Peters, Waxahachie, TX

Retreat Details


October 10-15, 2023 


Facilitated in a private space in Sedona, AZ

Check in and Meet & Greet Lunch: October 10th at 12:00pm

Orientation & Welcome Ceremony: 3:00pm

Check out: October 15th at 10:00am


What is Included with Your Registration?

  • Lodging for 5 nights
  • All guided sessions, ceremonies, classes, activities, and practices
  • Materials required for all activities
  • Guest teacher & personalized workshop
  • All meals and beverages prepared onsite by private chef (including breakfast before checkout)
  • Any fees required for group activities
  • Personalized swag bag full of awesome gifts

*Not included: Travel expenses, extra nights spent offsite, personal shopping, offsite meals, and any products/books offered by facilitators and guest teachers.

Who is this for? 

  • Those that are willing to do the work necessary to be the most authentic version of themselves 
  • Those that have spent their entire life trying to please others, and are ready to give themselves the love and compassion they give so freely to others
  • Those that long for deep, intimate connection with others who can hold them in their fullness
  • Those that are ready to look at the trauma and shadows that inform how they show up in the world
  • Those who desire a deep soul filling presence, but struggle to feel safe in it 
  •  Those who have always been the nurturers, the caregivers, and the space holder and are ready to receive the same 
  • Those that that understand that intuition is an innate gift that all have access to, and are ready to remove the barriers that trauma and shadows have placed between them and their intuition 
  • Those who know they have been living their life in trauma response, and are ready to meet their true self
  • Those that know they want to continue being caregivers in this world, but know in order to give from the best version of themselves that have to prioritize their well being
  • Those that know they are ready to establish safety in their body
  • Those that know they have something incredible to offer the world, and are ready to heal the parts of themselves that keep them from showing up fully in that passion 



What can you expect to experience when you invest in yourself here?


#1: You are safe, seen, and held in your sacred experience. To truly reach the level of healing we all crave, we must first know that we are safe. This is my number one priority in all things I do. If you do not feel safe, you will not be open to the possibility of healing what is wounded within you. So first, we work together to establish safety. Both in our group and within your own body. That is the foundation for miracles to occur.


#2: You will experience a level of connection with the other participants that you may have never felt before. Everyone is here for the same reason: to heal, to connect, and to feel empowered in who they are. When we gather in this unified intention and hold each other in this sacred process you will find a level of connection that has been buried for many years. Unearthing for you, the ability to connect to all parts this grand universe offers.


#3: If you allow it, you will leave this retreat forever healed of some very old patterns and wounds of your past. My primary focus in my work is to facilitate and support lifelong healing. Sounds impossible? I know. We've all done ALOT of work on ourselves. And it can sometimes feel like the work never ends. But if you can come with an open mind and a willing heart, I can promise you will not be the same person when you leave. Some of your wounds will simply no longer need to exist and you will find a peace within that you've never known.


#4: A deeper alignment with your spirit team and a renewed conviction of why you decided to be born at this time. We are all here for a purpose. Yet through the experience of life we tend to get clouded, overwhelmed, and get thrusted into survival mode, forgetting the passionate purpose of our existence. My job is to support you in removing all that has bogged you down, covered you up, and kept you in the dark. Like an onion, we'll move through the layers of darkness and bring you into the light. It's time for you to remember your wholeness and to get you moving along your path.

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Don't take my word for it.

Here's what Tammy said.

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"My experience working with Morrighan has changed my life and I believe, literally saved my life. I went through a very dark time and all that I had learned leading up to that and the time I spent in coaching and classes with her during that time gave me what I needed to get through it. There are so many healing moments but a few that stand out the most are really understanding my value and not compromising that, the damage done by parents can be healed and that asking for help from the trustworthy is a good thing. Giving really doesn't have a benefit unless you are willing to also receive. There has to be balance. Morrighan leads from a place of authenticity, honesty, and openness. She is not afraid of her own healing and gently (and sometime not so gently) leads you though your healing. She is a blessing as a teacher, leader and friend."

~Tammy Wells, TX




Sovereign Spirit Retreats 

Ignite Sedona 2023

Payment in Full


  • Lodging for 5 nights 
  • All guided sessions, ceremonies, and practices 
  • All meals and beverages prepared on site by chef
  • Personalized gift bag
  • Guest instructors
  • Group activity fees included
I'm all in...sign me up!

Custom Payment Plan

$500 Deposit

  • Including all that is previously listed
  • Your deposit reserves your spot
  • Our offices will then contact to make arrangements for a payment plan that reflects the allotted time remaining
  • You will receive a payment plan auto-draft invoice from PayPal, making your first payment will set the auto draft to the same date each month until registration is complete
I'm in! Here we go!



See you there! M~