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Spiritual Conversations for Evolving Humans

Back To The Bascis: The Alignment Series

Let’s face it, life is a rough and tumbled experience and not for the faint of heart. Every day we are called to face challenges, put out fires, and stare down the inner demons that want to keep us small. But at the same time, we also feel the fire of passion for living our purpose and we know we want more. We work, we fight, and we push our way through life, sometimes flying blindly and hoping for the best.

But what if you could set yourself up with a foundation that would give you a clear perspective for the challenges ahead? What if you could build yourself from the ground up, strengthening your awareness and sharpening your focus?

Back to the Basics: Alignment Series is exactly that. It is a string of conversations designed to provide you with an anchor to your inner self and a connection to the energetic field that surrounds you. It is a six-class series chocked full of practices, exercises, and suggestions to give you a leg up in a world that just wants to beat you down.

We'll walk together, step by step, giving you all you need to move forward with clarity and grace. With video tutorials, handouts, and an ample supply of practices you will certainly be well equipped for the adventures that await.

Here’s what’s in store:

  • Grounding & Centering and why it’s the MOST important practice to implement
  • Activate your chakra system and cultivate a relationship with these wise energetic centers
  • Expand your awareness out into your auric field and learn how this “bubble” works for you
  • Dive into the elusive conversation of meditation and find the way that works FOR YOU (hint: it doesn’t always look like the lotus position with your eyes closed)
  • Now that your energy is all juicy, let’s learn about communicated limits to keep it fortified
  • Integration Time! Let’s put it all together and get the gorgeous organic machine that you are working in tip-top shape!

Take your time with each lesson. Immerse yourself in the practices to find a depth that truly supports your hectic life. And I guarantee you will see results in a matter of minutes!

These practices are easy, but that doesn’t detract from the power that they hold.

I’m excited to dive in with you! Let’s do this!


Back To The Bascis: The Intuition Series

Over my 15+ year career one of the most common requests I hear from clients is they want a stronger connection to their intuition and they want to know their guides. And even though we are all gifted in our own unique way, there are some basics that are incredibly supportive to “get the ball rolling.”

Much like in the Alignment Series, strengthening your intuition is “from the ground up” kind of work. These conversations are the practices that will get you moving in the right direction and will connect you to the beautiful world of angels and guides.

Here are the topics we’ll be covering:

  • Diving head first into the Four Clair’s. What they are, how they work, and how to nourish and activate each one
  • We’ll spend some time talking about how to open up your intuition. There’s a few tricks I’ve learned through the years.
  • Get to your know your guidance team. Who they are, why they want to help, how to connect with them.
  • Let’s talk with dead people!
  • The last convo is a big one. I will be sharing with you my personal knowledge of the differences between human spirits and non-human spirits. The good guys, the bad guys, and what to do to protect yourself.

As always, take your time and really dig into each conversation. The depth of your connection depends on you being willing to go there.

Brush through the videos quickly, and you won’t get you the connection you’re looking for. Practice, presence, and willingness to learn is the only way.

Have fun! Can’t wait to see you flourish!!!



"I absolutely loved the Back to the Basics classes. If you are wondering if these classes are a good fit for you I can wholeheartedly tell you yes! Back to the Basics is ideal for the newbie, the experienced, and everyone in between. Morrighan approaches all of her teachings in a very supportive and humorous way. She offers her own experiences while being welcoming and considerate of teachings you may have had from others. I look forward to all of Morrighan's classes and always feel welcomed, seen, and heard."


~Kim French

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You're capable of more!

What if you could rebuild yourself, only this time adding in the tools that would support your highest good outcome? What if those tools were the very ones you were missing growing up? What would you be capable of then? And how far down the road would you be by now if you had?

That is exactly why I’ve created Back to the Basics series. To give you the opportunity to upgrade your skills, align with your purpose, and strengthen the naturally gifted person you were born to be.

The invitation is to integrate the practices into your already busy schedule and allow yourself to fully receive the ancient wisdom that has propelled our planet forward for centuries.

No matter how much you know, it is wise to always be open to learning. These may be familiar conversations but it never hurts to circle back, go deeper, and receive what is being offered on a new level. These practices will always be your staples.You'll always need your basics.