The Spirited Human was my first baby. A project that was formulated after several hundred conversations with coaching clients, workshop participants, and various other spaces where vulnerability was welcomed and safe.


I put together all the practices that I thought every human needs, regardless of belief system, philosophy, or spiritual path. Whether we want to admit it or not, we are biological machines with intricate systems in place, working hard for our well-being and survival.

And although they do a pretty great job all on their own, sometimes they need our active participation to fully support their healthy and proper function.

THAT is what The Spirited Human is all about.

A manual of sorts, offering a glimpse into what it takes to navigate this crazy world and keep our horizon line in sight.


BUT NOW...a new supportive project is asking to be born!



Due to be published late summer/early autumn, this workbook will focus on the "how to" of it all. Tackling specific life situations and offering creative and gentle processes to help you move through them like a champ!

You'll be able to peruse the chapters to find what you need for your specific situation, or you can use your intuition and open up the book with your eyes closed. The choice is yours!


But wait! There's more!

To celebrate the 5-year anniversary of The Spirited Human I am offering you the chance to receive a coupon code for 30% off it's companion workbook.

You complete a few fun and easy steps...I give you the coupon!

The #BeSpirited Extravaganza will go for the entire month of April.

And if you're willing to help, we'll both benefit!




Here's how the #Bespirited Extravaganza works!

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Take a Picture of the Book Cover

Beginning April1st (no joke) and once you have your book, take a picture of the cover (you can be holding it up, reading it, or lay it flat on the table - your choice). Just as long as it's a clear image and you can fully see the cover in the image.

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Post it to Your Social Media

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Then It's My Turn

Each time you post on social media I will comment to confirm that I've seen your post. At the end of April, after you have completed the steps requested, you will be given a coupon code for 30% off and a link for purchasing the companion workbook. Once I get hard copies in my hand I'll autograph that little baby and send it your way!


You're New to The Spirited Human?!

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If you are new to my first publication please enjoy a sneak peek of what's inside before making your purchase.

Here's just a few love notes for The Spirited Human!



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Hi, Morrighan here.

See that cheesy grin?

This was my launch party 5 years ago.

I was on cloud nine that night, signing books, hugging friends, and celebrating the completion of my first book.

It has served me well, and my hope is that others have been supported too!

I hope you enjoy it, and I'm really looking forward to all the ways the workbook will enhance these fundamental teachings and take you to a whole new level of YOU!

In Love, Light, & Shadow! M~