Follow in the footsteps of the ancient ones

The Magickal Path

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Follow in the footsteps of the ancient ones

The Magickal Path

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An intimate journey through the sacred practices of

cultivating magick in your everyday life.

Your path is calling...

Deciding to become a magickal practitioner is a very personal decision. This path is vast and wide and whichever direction you take it, the most important component is that you are connected to it.

We can only learn so much from books written by those that have walked before us. But to actually dig in, practice, and experience it yourself, well that's where you find the bridge between the worlds. That's where power meets your personal style. 

My personal belief is that magick is alive. It breathes, expands, and contracts. It also speaks, if we're willing to listen.

In this 8-week journey my goal is to walk you through the layers of ritual magick in such a way that you connect to the intuitive process, rather than simply learning the steps. We'll cover the spiritual and energetic space of holding magick as well as the skills to help you cultivate successful magick.

So if you're ready, I'm ready for you!

Key Componenets to Successful Magick

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Know Thyself

You are the center of your magick. The organic instrument that requires attunement. Your beauty, shadows, contracts, and fears...all play a part in the execution of your workings.

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Clear Intention

A clear intention is the cornerstone to successful magick workings. Learn the value of speaking with purpose and how to fuel your intentions with passion.

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Daily Practice

Walking a magickal path is continuous learning and the willingness to be a lifelong student. Nothing is mastered without practice, devotion, and dedication to the path.

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"The Magickal Path has been so incredible. Not only have I learned so much about magick in general, I have also learned so much about myself and about how powerful I am. I have learned that the magick is in me and I don't need anything but myself! Morrighan is the most incredible teacher and I am so grateful to have learned so much from her!"

~Audrey Logan

What lies ahead for you....

Ritual Magick

Cultivate energy within sacred space, energized with intention, and formulated to bless your life in all ways. You will learn the structure and intuitive practice of ritualistic and ceremonial creation. From the very first moment you decide to do magick, to the last remnants of the release. You will know your power!

Proper Magickal Etiquette

Master the proper practices and walk with reverence among the ancestors, guides, and Watchtowers. You will learn how to summon, stir, and call the beautiful beings that are so ready to work with you. It's only when we know the rules that we can safely bend them to suit our own style.

Advanced Basics for all Paths

Being an Eclectic Practitioner myself, I believe that it is the honor of each person to draw into themselves what they resonate with. No two paths will look the same and here you will have the freedom to find with works for you and your life. You’ll experience all types of magick so that you can decide your own practice.

Intuition & Magick

We can only learn so much in books. The potency is when we cultivate our intuitive connection with the magickal process. Through divination, meditation, trusting yourself, and clearing blockages you will be able to connect beyond the knowledge available in the mundane world.

How this course is delivered & other details:

  • Weekly video tutorials, layered to strengthen your skills, step by step
  • Journal prompts designed to deepen your process
  • Monthly live Q&A Zoom calls to talk with Morrighan
  • Two exclusive bonus bundles available at check out
  • After completion of the course you will be invited to join The Spiral Path and continue your journey

Why would someone want to take this course?

  • Cultivating ritual magick in your life allows you to connect to the Law of Attraction energy that is available
  • You realize that everything is connected and learn how to be in concert with the universe
  • Feeling the support of the Divine, you see that you don't have to do everything alone in life
  • Learning any magickal practice creates an environment for discipline that is also fun and exciting
  • You remember your dormant power and create a safe space for it to unearth
  • Your self-worth thrives because you are taking life into your own hands
  • Even if this is new to you, this space allows you to remember your innate magick within
  • For those of us that have been alone in life, this course shows us that we belong to something ancient
  • A sort of "remembering" occurs when we learn these practices - you finally are home
  • Places in you that have been wounded begin to heal when you step into your power
  • You find a community that's just like you, that embraces who you are, wholly
  • You become the space for generations of women to begin healing from persecution in past centuries
  • You remember who you really are - beyond societies expectations and limitations

Calling all Magickal Beings!

It is my most sincere intention to always support you, to see if this is your next right step. So if you will indulge me, simply pause, bring your hands to your heart, close your eyes, and breathe. Attune to your inner wisdom and ask if this is for you. You will be held in a safe container, able to stretch and grow into your best magickal self. But this space, this container is not for everyone. We are holding space for those that are seeking a deeper connection to their magick. We are calling out to any and all that feel moved to hold this powerful space with us. Those willing to face their fears, slay their inner demons, and embody what it means to be a magickal pracititoner!

So if that's you, dive in and let's go!

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8 Week Magickal Path: Payment Plan

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