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Bitterness is like cancer, it eats upon the host.

But anger is like fire, it burns it all clean.

-Maya Angelou

Welcome, Sacred One...

One of the most sacred expressions of the Goddess is that of rage.
Don't believe me?
How many times have you burned your life to the ground only to rebuild a better version?
How many times have you become the phoenix from your own ashes?
How many times have you traveled to the Underworld and been reborn into a newer version of yourself?
Every one of these pivotal moments in life are preceded by one thing. The catalyst. The moment of clarity that change must occur. The millisecond of awareness, knowing the old must die and the new be reborn.
Society would like us to see rage and anger as a negative expression.
Something ugly, unladylike, and unbecoming.
Why do you think that is?
Because society is afraid of our power.
Why else would they dowse that fire with shame and guilt?
But that's exactly why this is a timely conversation.
It's time for us to reclaim what was pushed down.
It is time to call back what was taken from us.
And yet, at the same time, we must learn how to access this rage without hurting our healing nervous system.
The past few years have taken its toll and we are being asked by Spirit to learn healthier ways of navigating through these spaces.


There is a safe way to access and express our rage..

  • Building awareness and giving ourselves permission to feel it
  • Healing the shame and stigma that comes when we feel these emotions
  • Opening the channels that allow emotions to rise
  • Making friends with our rage rather than fearing and avoiding it
  • Containing it to harness its power, rather than pushing it down and being in pain
  • Directing it properly to create and nurture healthy boundaries
  • Using it as jet fuel to launch the changes we need in our lives


And we've only ever been taught the unhealthy way...

  • Keep your eyes down and mouth shut
  • Be a good little girl and don't make waves
  • Feel the heat of the fire rising in your body but stuff it down
  • Please others so you are safe
  • Explode when you can't hold it in any longer
  • Feel the eyes of condemnation and shrink into your shame when you do
  • Sink into the people-pleaser role so everyone forgives you
  • Hate yourself because you betrayed your inner knowing
  • Numb out and forget this ever happened
  • Repeat the cycle

Are you ready to break that cycle?

Are you ready to access your sacred rage?

To learn the proper use of this emotional powerhouse energy?

To channel it into the areas of your life needing change?

Let me be your guide through the fires of transmutation.

I know the way!

And exactly how will we do that?

By focusing on these major steps:

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Awareness & Accountability

The road to a healthy expression of anger is to first know what you are truly angry about and to be willing to be accountable for it. We'll delve into the shadows, validate your feelings, and get some clear accountability for your reaction. Giving you the opportunity to course correct if you discover that you are projecting and covering old wounds.

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Contain & Channel

Once you gain clarity about your anger, next we learn to hold it and let it flow. You will experience first hand how to open up the channel for full embodiment and movement. Anger that is stagnant is unhealthy and results in a breakdown of our energetic bodies. So we will practice the allowance and flow of energy in a healthy way.

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Expression & Release

Emotion is not meant to stay in our bodies. It must breathe and expand, flow and move through the body. Then it's natural next stage is to leave the body. And yet, in a way that does not harm your nervous system. We'll experience ways to express this rage, clearly and without harming others or yourself. Yes, it is possible!


You see, we've only ever had the shadow masculine expression of anger to model from.

We only know how to get angry in a way that harms others and ourselves.

And in general, women have been taught to stuff it down and be pleasing to others so that we are accepted by society.

But that is incredibly harmful to our bodies.

And yet, we know no other way.

Until now!

Who is this event for?

  • Those that have squelched their truth to please others.
  • Those that have betrayed themselves for the illusion of safety.
  • Those that have buried their anger so long it comes out as explosive outbursts without warning.
  • Those that instinctively please others to survive, but secretly resent that they do.
  • Those that have been told anger is unladylike and that they should just smile more.
  • Those that have unprocessed wounds that result in internalized anger.
  • Those carrying around resentment because of a society that teaches anger is wrong.
  • Those that access their anger all-too-easily and explode on those that don't deserve it.
  • Those that have pain in their bodies due to unprocessed anger.
  • Those who want to harness the power of their rage to create real change in this world.
  • Those who are done with sitting down and shutting up, and allowing the world to dictate their life.
  • The beautiful souls that are ready for full, healthy, powerful expression!
  • And the list goes on.

It's time to DE-program these outdated behaviors and learn what it means to SAFELY express our anger.


Without harming others...and especially without harming ourselves.


Time to rise dear souls and be the WHOLE expression you were divinely meant to be.


What Inspired This Event...

Fire from Elements lll movement composed by Katerina Gimon
Performed by the 2022 TMEA Texas All-State Treble Choir under the directions of Dr Lynda Hasseler
Performed on February 12, 2022 at the Stars at Night Ballroom in San Antonio, TX
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"Morrighan offers a deeply caring, skillful and highly individualized approach that revealed to me entirely different understandings of my patterns and how to shapeshift them into a more dynamic and empowered way of being. Thank you!"

~Jacqui Bushnell, NSW Founder of Sacred Presence, Australia

Event Details

January 27-29, 2023

Welcome Breakfast begins at 8:00am

Event begins at 9:00am each morning, coming to a close each evening.

We'll break for lunch and take several small breaks throughout the day.

Complete schedule will be provided soon after registration.

Event Location:

Boise Idaho

Address given closer to the date.

What is Included with Your Registration?

  • Access to the Sacred Rage Event (In person or online)
  • Welcome breakfast the first morning
  • Materials for event
  • A welcome packet including information for your stay
  • A lifetime of skills and exercises that will change how you think of anger
  • Support team in times of emotional need
  • Free access to The Chakra Series 8-week Course starting August 18th. The recordings will be available if you do not catch the live class.


The Chakra Series

Begins August 18th at 10:00 am-12:00 pm MST

The perfect compliment to our Sacred Rage Event!

Every week we'll dive into the individual chakras, starting from the root and working our way to the crown.

We will explore their energetic attributes, the emotional components, and how they play a role in our day-to-day lives.

I'll walk you through a guided meditation for clearing and activation as well as discussing how to strengthen your relationship with these beautifully supportive wheels of light.

To round this powerful conversation out, on the final call we'll bring them all together and activate the chakra channel which allows more energy to flow and an intimate connection with your own presence.

Ideally, joining us on August 18th would be awesome, but if you register after that date you have the option of watching the recordings on your own or jumping in with the class at any point.

No matter when you register for Sacred Rage, the recordings for The Chakra Series will be made available to you.

By participating in this series you will have access to the chakra channel that is so important in the embodiment of sacred rage. You will have an advantage going into the 3-day event.


Hear What Others are Saying

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Cherie Monteferrante, Denver, CO

"Talking with Morrighan is like talking to one of your best friends. Only Morrighan leaves you feeling SO GOOD about yourself as well as guides you through processes that strengthen the relationship with yourself. She's honest, intuitive and I know she genuinely cares about my growth. I couldn't ask for a better guide to help me through this thing called life."

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Caroline Herrmann, Bruneau, ID

"I have never had more a-ha moments before I met Morrighan. She is the most intuitive person I know and can walk with you through your most troublesome problems. If you think your trauma is hidden "safe and sound", she will walk around and get the spare key and meet you inside! She is genuine, honest and oh-so-very helpful to help shine light on that shadow side. You will not leave her without learning something. Worth every penny!"



Sacred Rage Event Registration

Sacred Rage - Payment in Full


  • Sacred Rage Event (In person or online)
  • Welcome Breakfast
  • Event Materials
  • Welcome packet for your stay
  • Free Access to The Chakra Series 8-week Course starting August 18th.
I'm all in...sign me up!

Sacred Rage - Payment Plan

3 Payments of $99

  • Sacred Rage Event (In person or online)
  • Welcome Breakfast
  • Event Materials
  • Welcome packet for your stay
  • Free Access to The Chakra Series 8-week Course starting August 18th
Let's do this! I'm there!

See you there! M~

Still not sure if this event is for you?

That's ok! We've got a taste test you can try! On August 6th I hosted an educational webinar/class that walked people through the conversation that is now, a 3-day event! The recording is available to you if you want an introduction to this conversation.

So you have the option to take a little bite now and decide if you want the whole meal later.

No risk. No pressure. We're looking for the people that feel called to be there. And if you're one of them, we're holding space for you!

One time payment of


(Replay Discount -$22)
What's in the Class

  • Gently become accustomed to being in your body and establishing safety
  • Connect the dots of your trauma and coping mechanisms
  • Understanding the value anger plays in your life
  • Begin to bridge what you know and what you don't remember
  • Connect to your energetic bodies and cultivate awareness
  • Discover the Sacred Rage Steps for full embodiment of your divine self