You've been an edge-dweller long enough...

It's time to come home.

The Connection is a safe space to be right where you are, just as you are in your perfect and right expression of self. It is a sanctuary for the seeking soul, a place to rest, connect, and recharge.

As a member, you will gain instant access to The Library, filled with hours of meditations, classes, musings, workbooks, meditation prompts and daily practices all dedicated to enrich your ever-evolving spiritual journey and to bring you closer to your inner wisdom. Each month you will also unlock new practices, classes, meditations and be invited to attend the monthly Connection Call.

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What's Included in Your Membership?

Sacred Workshops

Every month you will be invited to a divinely guided conversation designed to inspire. Topics are unplanned but perfectly timed.

Channeled Messages & Musings

At various times throughout the month Morrighan will record & share enlightening messages that her guides wish to share with the group.

Guided Meditations

Relax, as Morrighan guides you on a journey within. Lead by her guidance team, you will experience new worlds within yourself, enhancing your spiritual path.

Shadow of the Month Teachings

Delve into the shadows and explore the depths of your human experience. Every month you will be invited to look where most don't dare.

The Connection Call

As members you will be held in a safe container, lead by our instructors and supported by peers. Every call is intended to support you right where you are.

Spotlight Session

Every month, one member will win a 1:1 session with Morrighan to receive coaching and guidance on an area of their life that could use some clarity.

Personalized 5 Card Reading

On your third month as a member, you'll receive a personalized reading from Morrighan posted in the group.

Exclusive Bonuses

As a member you have access to our private social group as well as the previous month of content. Plus exclusive offers & discounts on all future events & services.

Natalie Alcalde

The support I received from Morrighan was amazing as well from the other participants in the class. I love that she creates a community for those that are present in all of her groups.  She is very professional, loving and really pushes you to help you reach your divine goals.  Her dedication to all her students is truly amazing.  The community that she is building has helped me create new friendships that I would not have had otherwise.

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  • Your membership gives you full access to The Library, private social group, and all offerings listed
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A la Carte Workshop


Non-members have the option of attending sacred workshops by purchasing an a la carte ticket.

  • Sign up and get access to our next sacred workshop
  • If you sign up after the workshop has aired you will be added to next month's workshop. So time your registration well!
  • There are no recordings, you must attend live

December's Sacred Workshop


Wintering: Divining the Mystery of the Ebb

December 10, 2022

1pm PT / 2pm MT / 3pm CT / 4pm ET

via Zoom - 120 minutes

(included in your membership or join us as a non-member through the a la carte option.)


As we move towards the darkness, rest calls to our weary bones. And yet, living in a modern world we are driven by obligation, responsibilities, and requirements.

In this class we'll move through the conversations of calling forth the wisdom that beckons from the cave, while also rectifying the need for rest in our modern day lives.

You will leave this class with a deeper connection with your own inner wisdom and tools to navigate this dark time of the year.

There is nutrition in the dark.

Receive and replenish.

The Benefits of Joining The Connection

  • Learn the value of feeling safe in a sacred community
  • Experience a variety of practices to keep you engaged and enlivened
  • Allow yourself to be held in times when you feel most vulnerable
  • Know the value of feeling safe in your own body in any situation
  • Enrich your spiritual practice with daily support and meditation prompts
  • Gentle nudges and supportive accountability to continue your spiritual journey
  • Meet others on the same journey and know you aren't alone
  • Feel at home with other edge-dwellers and heal the spaces that have been alone for far too long

Showing a little love...

Cathy Kearns, Certified Medical Reiki Master, Boise, ID

Having a safe healing space to experience personal growth and heal emotional wounds with a group of like minded people was priceless!

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About Morrighan


Morrighan Lynne is an Intuitive Life Coach, psychic empath, clairvoyant, spiritual medium, artist and author. With an eclectic approach to spirituality she supports the ever-evolving human with compassion, straight-forwardness, and loving accountability. Her motto is if you can't see it, you can't shift it. And so she has made it her life's work to guided people into the darkest places of their subconscious.

Morrighan has received certifications through The Awakened School®, The Art of Feminine Presence®, and is a SafeSpace® Trauma Facilitator. Her style of coaching is intuitive and direct. Focusing on shadow work and trauma healing through somatic practices, she gets to the root of the problem and goes where many don’t dare. A unique spiritual teacher, she has held 100’s of workshops, retreats, classes, and galleries over her 16+ year career.

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