Introducing...The Connection Experience!

A monthly subscription designed to expand your spiritual experience on this planet.

Every bit of it is divinely inspired to support you right where you are.

Nothing is planned, all of it is perfect.

Together, we'll walk in full trust and surrender of our Highest Good. Accepting all our guides are offering.

Stepping powerfully in the direction that calls to our soul.

My goal has always been to be the space for people to remember their divinity. This is that such space.

You are safe here. You are home.


What You get with Your Membership
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The Connection Call

This is a peer support call lead by our team, focusing on authentic speaking, fertile listening, witnessing, and weaving with other members of the community. Prompted by monthly shadow teachings, the group will be put into small groups for a deeper, personal connection.

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Guided Meditations

Fully channeled by my guidance team, each month they will offer a divinely inspired journey intended to support your ever-unfolding spiritual experience on Earth. Each meditation will be recorded where you will have access to it anytime you need it.

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Spotlight Sessions

Every month, some lucky person will win a free session with Morrighan to focus on a difficult area of their life. It's your opportunity to experience a safe space while facing something that would be hard to do alone. When we are held, we heal.

Social Community Support

You will gain access to our private Facebook community where others are walking their own path to discovery. Share in your experiences, request support, sacredly witness and weave together and be stronger as a unit.

Magickal Musings

Every now and then my guides drop some pretty yummy knowledge. I record those sessions and give you access to them. One never knows what they'll be about, but they are always juicy and perfectly timed. You can expect 2 or 3 per month.

Bonus Fun Stuff

In the Facebook group we'll have FB Lives, Intuitive Readings, exclusive offers & discounts on classes and services. Our intention is to create an environment for growth, mastery, and full connection that is yours to have.

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Sharing the Love
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"Morrighan!! She totally rocks! If you are looking for someone to help you with shadow work, she is your gal. If you are needing some help understanding why you keep feeling everything around you and do not understand how to not feel it all, or if it is even yours, Morrighan is the person to help you. I have had many classes, retreats, and one on one sessions with her and I can honestly say, she has helped me to understand myself more than any other mentor/teacher that I have ever had. She teaches me with honesty, love and persistence all the while not letting me stay in my victimhood. And I have witnessed her doing the same with others.  Her ability to stay the course and to be one of the most genuine people I know also add to her appeal.  Her classes are refreshing, fun and informative. I honestly could write an entire series on why I love, love, love Morrighan Lynne, and why you should absolutely give her a shot at helping you break thru all of your shadow work."

~Karen Hughes

The Connection Experience:
  • The Connection Call - Peer Group Sessions, Lead and Nurtured by our Team
  • Shadow-of-the-Month Teachings
  • Guided Meditations
  • Magickal Musings
  • Private Social Support Group
  • Bonus Live Videos in Group
  • A Chance to Win a 1:1 Spotlight Sessions with Morrighan Every Month
  • Rolling 3 Month Access to all Materials and Recordings
  • Exclusive Discounts & Offers
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How this Experience will be Delivered
  • Connection Calls hosted on Zoom
  • Monthly video tutorials and audio recordings accessible on any device
  • Spotlight Session on Zoom piped into the FB group for support
  • Pre-recorded guided meditations posted in members portal
  • Materials available for download
  • All gatherings recorded for later review & playback
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Signing Bonuses:

Free classes to prepare you!

  • Grounding & Centering
  • Witnessing & Weaving
  • Holding Space for Others
  • Fertile Listening


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