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June 17th: Psychic Self Defense


9am PT / 10am MT / 11am CT / 12pm ET

via Zoom - 120 minutes

Free for members of The Connection

$35 for non-members with à la carte option



A' la Carte Workshop for June


Non-members have the option of attending sacred workshops by purchasing an a la carte ticket.

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Showing a little love...

Cathy Kearns, Certified Medical Reiki Master, Boise, ID

Having a safe healing space to experience personal growth and heal emotional wounds with a group of like minded people was priceless!

About Morrighan


Morrighan Lynne is an Intuitive Life Coach, psychic empath, clairvoyant, spiritual medium, artist and author. With an eclectic approach to spirituality she supports the ever-evolving human with compassion, straight-forwardness, and loving accountability. Her motto is if you can't see it, you can't shift it. And so she has made it her life's work to guided people into the darkest places of their subconscious.

Morrighan has received certifications through The Awakened School®, The Art of Feminine Presence®, and is a SafeSpace® Trauma Facilitator. Her style of coaching is intuitive and direct. Focusing on shadow work and trauma healing through somatic practices, she gets to the root of the problem and goes where many don’t dare. A unique spiritual teacher, she has held 100’s of workshops, retreats, classes, and galleries over her 16+ year career.

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