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I'm so honored that you are considering coming along with us on this journey.

The conversation about the chakras is an intimate one for me.

I started my own personal development path with these beautiful wheels of light over 22 years ago.

They fascinated me. I wanted to know everything!

But upon reading every book, blog, and article I could on the subject, I found myself overwhelmed and confused.

So many were contradicting each other on the details of how they work, which way they should spin, the size, and so on.

I got so frustrated in fact, that I tossed aside all the materials that other people wrote and decided to ask them myself.

Thus began my journey of creating an intimate relationship with these energy centers, rather than blindly trusting others for their input.

And from that, a beautiful relationship was born.

I discovered so many pieces to the puzzle that I hadn't read in any book.

They have so much more to show us than what is taught in this modern day spiritual movement.

And I want to share with you what I've learned over the past 22 years of working directly with them.


We'll be Focusing on these Three Key Areas

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Emotional Attributes

The chakra system is so much more than invisible wheels of light. They support, monitor, and regulate our emotional system. By honoring our feelings and bringing awareness to our reactions we can better understand how to navigate the world with a healthy emotional field.

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Spiritual Relationship

We have a direct connection to the spiritual realm through our chakras. They offer to us a way to tap into the unseen. They collect the data that we can't perceive with our five senses. By cultivating a relationship with this wise system we are tapping into our innate intuitive gifts.

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Energetic System

We are pure energy in physical form. When we can see our existence as a whole-felt experience we are navigating with all our capabilities intact. Tapping into the energy that is available through the chakra system, we are tapping into our power. Walk with me, in your power.


Every session we'll dive into the individual chakras, starting from the root and working our way to the crown.


We will explore their energetic attributes, the emotional components, and how they play a role in our day-to-day lives.


I'll walk you through a guided meditation for clearing and activation as well as discussing how to strengthen your relationship with these beautifully supportive wheels of light.


To round this powerful conversation out, on the final session we'll bring them all together and activate the chakra channel which allows more energy to flow and an intimate connection with your own presence.

Program Details

Session 1 - Root Chakra

Session 2 - Sacral Chakra

Session 3 - Solar Plexus Chakra

Session 4  - Heart Chakra

Session 5 - Throat Chakra

Session 6 - Third Eye & Ear Chakras

Session 7 - Crown Chakra

Session 8 - Full System Integration Call


You will have lifetime access to materials and recordings

Hear What Others are Saying

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Cherie Monteferrante, Denver, CO

"Talking with Morrighan is like talking to one of your best friends. Only Morrighan leaves you feeling SO GOOD about yourself as well as guides you through processes that strengthen the relationship with yourself. She's honest, intuitive and I know she genuinely cares about my growth. I couldn't ask for a better guide to help me through this thing called life."

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Caroline Herrmann, Bruneau, ID

"I have never had more a-ha moments before I met Morrighan. She is the most intuitive person I know and can walk with you through your most troublesome problems. If you think your trauma is hidden "safe and sound", she will walk around and get the spare key and meet you inside! She is genuine, honest and oh-so-very helpful to help shine light on that shadow side. You will not leave her without learning something. Worth every penny!"

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