Work With Me

See just what you’re capable of! 


My Shasta Retreat 2023

Join us for a 5 day adventure in the gorgeous mountain area of one of the most powerful energy spots in the country! All inclusive event complete with healing ceremonies, guided tours, breathwork healing sessions and more to soothe your heart and quench your soul.


The Chakra Series

Develop a relationship with these beautiful wheels of light that support our human experience. Learn how each chakra supports our emotions, connects us with the spiritual realm, and holds our energetic system.


Energetics of Embodiment

Master Class  

Understand the full mechanics of your energetic systems and learn how to fully support yourself through practice, visualization, and presence. Tap into your network of conscious energetic systems of intellect and intuition.


Want to go deeper?

Intuitive Life Coaching & Spiritual Mentorship

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We go beyond mindset work, past toxic positivity, around the corner from avoidance, and get to the root! Without knowing the core wounds in your programming and the traumas that lurk in the darkness the healing process will always be hijacked by our survivalist ego mind.

I will guide you into the shadows and shine a light on the hidden parts of you that are sabotaging your efforts to create a beautiful, passionate life. Together we will work to find your specific combination of practices that will unlock your fullest potential.