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Welcome to the realm where your angels and spirit guides offer their love and support for your human journey.

Hello Beautiful Soul! And Welcome!

The relationship with my Guidance Team began reluctantly over 20 years ago. I had so many misconceptions about who they were, why they hung around, and just why they would "waste their time with humans". I felt so much resistance to their messages simply because I was misinformed. I thought they were in my life to tell me how to live it, to boss me around and take away my free will.

But that isn't their agenda at all!

They were there when you decided to come into this incarnation. They remember every goal, every contract, and every agreement you signed up for in this life. And then, as if it's a big cosmic joke, we agree to forget everything once were born. But they remember it all.

Their greatest joy is to walk beside us, nudging us this way, hinting to go that way...anything it takes to help us live in alignment with our soul's plan. They know us better than we know ourselves. And every moment of our lives, they are supporting us to remember who we are and why we're here.

A bit of a disclaimer when working with me, I'm not fluffy. I don't talk of rainbows and bunnies, or about how you just need to be more positive and all will be well.

Nope, that's not how it works. Life is hard sometimes. It's gritty. It hurts. It demands our full participation if we are ever going to move forward and be happy. And I'm not interested in perpetuating the spiritual toxic positivity BS. I want to get to the source of your pain. I want to dig down and help you discover exactly why you keep repeating patterns that hurt you. We came here for a reason and I want to support you so that you can do the necessary work to live in your fullest expression of self.

I won't filter what your guides are saying to me. I would never think I know better for you than they do. How terribly arrogant that would be?! If they tell me, I tell you. That's my promise to you. We don't always like hearing the truth, but it's the truth that can set us free.

I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I won't always tell you want you want to hear. But I will always be honest and tell you exactly what you need.

If that resonates with you and you're ready to dive in, I'd be honored to be your guide in the dark.

My Intuitive Services - which one resonates with you?


Spiritual Integration Session

This intuitive session is the perfect space to check on your progress in life, to scan and heal your multi-layered light bodies, and to receive support and direction from your Guidance Team.

Connecting to your guides, we will follow their lead and give you what will serve your Highest Good. Your guides know what is best for you and I trust their direction. There's no need to prepare questions for this session because they'll rarely allow them. They would rather focus on what they have to share and not what we humans wish to know.

Here are just some of the conversations that can come up during our session:

  • Chakra System & Channel healing
  • Past trauma & shadow work
  • Contract & vow breaks that harm you
  • Light body healing
  • Pastlife karmic issues
  • Cord cutting, weapon removal
  • Guidance, resources, & practices for moving forward

Session fee: $145

The Spiritual Integration Session is a one hour appointment but can run over a few minutes, so allow time in your schedule. I prefer this session be done via Zoom with your camera turned on. We will record our time together and after the call is complete you will receive a copy of the recording.

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Blueprint Assessment Session

This unique experience gives you information clear back to the creation of your soul. It maps out every lifetime, both human and non-terrestrial incarnations, and offers a specific assessment to the status of your energetic body. Essentially it tells us just how much damage you have taken over the course of your entire existence.

By using your birth information (name, birth date, etc.) I locate you in the Akashic Records and proceed to ask a variety of questions. The answers received give us insight on the status of your light bodies, what healing needs to occur, and how to rid your soul of dark susceptibilities.

The assessment is done before your arrival. Once we meet I share and explain my findings. We'll learn to which star systems you've been incarnated, if you've had any soul training from various Masters, and if you are being manipulated by the dark forces within this universe. Once all information is shared, we will go into a variety of clearing prayers to correct all that is damaged and free you from the negative experiences of your past lives.

Session Fee: $200

The Blueprint Assessment session can take up to 90 minutes and can be done via Zoom or in person. After we are complete I will email you the information that pertains to your blueprint. There are no recordings of this session. Instead, I ask that you trust you have received what you need for your soul's best and highest.

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SoulWeaving Session

SoulWeaving is a non-hypnosis pastlife reading and healing experience that looks at several lifetimes in one session. We begin the call by uncovering old wounds, pastlife traumas, and/or negating patterns you can't seem to shake. This initial conversation allows me to intuit in which timeline these wounds reside.

Then, we will visit the lifetime where the wound originated. I will use my abilities to play out the story I see, allowing you to touch back in on the energetic memory.

This isn't about you remembering the pain (even if you don't remember the lifetime) but an opportunity to unravel the trauma and heal the wound forever. The intention is to free the part of you that is stuck in that moment and who is subconsciously controlling your life. Stuck in place because of tragedy, shame, fear, or regret. By "re-writing" your past, you create a new future. By allowing the wounds of old a space to heal, they no longer have power over your choices today.

Session Fee: $165

The SoulWeaving Session can take up to 90 minutes but can run over a few minutes, so allow time in your schedule. I can support you either through Zoom or in person. If we meet via Zoom the session will be recorded and sent to you after we are complete. If we meet in person, you are invited to record the session on your phone.

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Dark Matters

This session is for those in dire need of peace and to be free of the oppressive energies of the dark side. Perhaps you feel a dangerous presence in your home that is terrorizing your children when they sleep. Or your animals are being alerted that something is wrong and you can't find the source. Maybe you've been having nightmares and hearing terrible voices, uncharacteristically urging you to hurt yourself.

There are many reasons that lead to needing this session with me. You could have an angry earthbound spirit in your home or connected to the land. You could have vows to dark forces that carried over from pastlife contracts. Someone could be doing baneful magick against you and your family in this lifetime or in the past. The list goes on!

Often these situations are easily managed with a simple angelic clearing and spiritual protocol to follow. But there are other times when the situation needs someone that knows how to uncover the layers of what is happening on all levels and can help in its removal.

To best support you and your situation, we begin with a consultation to assess the disturbances. That way I know what I'm walking into, can be best prepared, and have my tools ready for what we're about to face.

Consultation: Free

Service Fee: determined at consultation

We begin this journey together with a free 30 minute consultation to assess the situation. I'll have a few questions for you, will explain the steps to take if we move forward together. If I find that I am not the person to help I will make my best recommendation for support. If we both feel I can support you, I will offer my rate for your specific situation. Dark removal work takes a toll on my body, so the fee will reflect the level of work I will need to do to keep your family safe.

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Showing Some Love...

"My daughter had health issues about 6 months after she was born. I was very concerned and going to every doctor you could imagine. Then, Morrighan told me, through her spirit guides, that my daughter did not feel that anything was wrong with her and she would be fine. As a mother this eased my fears. We still had to see doctors and such, but now she is a perfect, healthy, happy 20 year old. Morrighan was a big help and gave me a peace of mind moving forward."

Debra Counseller Tucson, AZ

"My experience was a place of safety in which I felt open to the information that Morrighan received and shared with me. Once I explained some reoccurring themes in my life and the records were open, I worked through the emotions/ feelings that arose. With her guidance and support I was able to clear some deep blockages in my body. I felt witnessed and grateful. The following few days and still, I notice I am actually able to take deep full breaths, without struggling at the end of breath. My heart and diaphragm feel open and lighter now. I have not been able to achieve this in 29 years. Thoughts of the past life experiences still come up but I feel more grounded with awareness and acceptance of myself. I acknowledged the parts of my soul that did not feel acknowledged."

Erin, California

"My experience with Morrighan was excellent. She's a gifted reader and a good coach. She assisted me in getting on my path in a spiritual community. I would recommend her to anyone."

Nick Mortgage Underwriter Reno, NV

"I first met Morrighan at a Holistic fair. She was doing psychic readings at that time. She was spot on and her approach made me interested in checking out her workshops. Morrighan is genuine. She has always created an atmosphere where I feel comfortable asking any question, and not feel sorry I asked later. I’ve learned a lot from her courses and enjoyed every moment. Online or in person she is always available for her clients."

Syndi Bennett Mineola, TX

"Morrighan brings beautiful and powerful energy to all her works. I’ve had readings, classes and purchased books shes written. Always completely immerses herself into the moment and will help you face your own shadow! After all we are each the master of our own experiences but when we get lost, those precious souls such as Morrighan will shine a bright light to assist you in finding your path."

Jimi Green RN RMT Marshall, TX

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I'm looking forward to working with you!

It has always been my passion to assist people in whatever situation they may find themselves in. We can't always control what we experience in life. Some days we're flying high with the angels, and the next day we might come crashing down into the dark abyss. It's not about controlling your experience, it's about having the tools to navigate any experience that comes along.

The good news is, you don't have to do it alone. I've made a career out of walking people into the spaces that require their attention. It's truly the only way we can heal, if we can face the shadowy parts that we fear seeing.

I'm not afraid to face the boogie man, stand my ground, and protect my people. There have been many battles over my 16+ years and I have compiled quite the arsenal of tools. I've done this enough to know the rules of the game. And that makes me a very dangerous person to the dark side.

If you have any questions about what I do or you're not sure if I can help your particular situation, please reach out. There is always something to do about what is going on. No one has to suffer just because it's out of the scope of "normal". Contact me with your questions, we'll see what we can do for you.


Yours in Love, Light, & Shadow, Morrighan



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