Mandala Experience

Join me on a journey of cyclical soul work and creative self expression

Hello Beautiful Soul! And Welcome!

My passionate obsession with mandala art began in 2009 when I attended my first class. Immediately falling in love, I couldn't get enough! I have painted dozens of mandalas over the years and each time a new piece is born, so is my deepening understanding of what this process offers.

You see, it's much more than art for me. It's more than just a creative outlet.

The mandala process captures you and pulls you into its rhythmic circles of inner soul work. It takes you into the center, into your own shadow, and holds you there ever so gently.

And if you are brave enough to follow its lead, you will know yourself on a whole other level when you're done.

I trust the mandala process. I trust the sacred circles that take me within, holding my hand, and walking me through places I can't reach on my own.

And now, I invite those that feel called to join me.

What exactly is a Mandala Experience?


Here's the deal...

I feel in love with painting mandalas and over the years people have have me repeatedly to teach a class. But the class-energy never appealed to me. it's more sacred for me than that. So instead, here's my counteroffer.

You, me, materials, laughter, and creativity! I will lovingly host you in my home for a full weekend. We'll begin our day with a presence meditation and a guided journey to discover your intention for the weekend. Walking you through my own personal process of creating mandala art and supporting you through the deep soul process that naturally arises in these vulnerable and intimate connections with the mandala.

I provide all materials: 20x20 canvas, paints, brushes, and all other needed materials. Snacks and beverages will be served based on your dietary needs. And you walk away, taking home your very own piece of mandala art.

We begin at 9:00am and will end at 6:00pm both days. We can either gather on a weekend or if you prefer, we can arrange weekdays.

All you have to do is come with an open mind, a willing heart, and a curious spirit.

The mandala will show us the rest.

The fee for this 2-day experience is $297.

Currently there are no dates set aside for this event but if you reach out at [email protected] we'll find a time that supports both our schedules. I am flexible and sure we can create the perfect space for you to explore this magickal mandala experience.

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I'm looking forward to painting, playing, and creating with you!

If you have any issues please let me know. Otherwise, know that you are in good hands and I'll see you soon!


Yours in Love, Light, & Shadow, Morrighan

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