You're Not Alone in This

angels guides healing surrender trauma trust Feb 13, 2023

Hi there, it’s me, classic control freak who’s been working on trusting and surrendering for a few years. I could go on and on with a laundry list about why being in control was my favorite thing in the world, but I suspect we’ve all had similar stories. Childhood trauma, lack of safety, not being heard, being betrayed by this person or that person, and deciding someplace deep within that if we’re going to make it through this crazy world then it would have to be up to us. We were the only ones we could count on. Am I correct? Sound familiar?

This biological need to survive thrusted you into ultra-independence to such a degree that you stopped asking for help and shut people out because you just couldn’t trust them with your tender heart. Maybe you would let people in…sort of. But not really all the way in. Only enough to make it look like you were giving them a chance. People had to prove to you that they were trustworthy, only to still be held at an arm’s length. Oh sure, we put on the mask that gave the illusion that we were open to connection, and we got really good at pretending that we wanted love. So good in fact that we even fooled ourselves into believing it. But we all know deep inside, that we are terrified of letting anyone in because they might see the ugliness that we hide away in the darkest, deepest basement of our heart. So we press on with our pretty smiles plastered on our faces and pretend that everything is going great.

That’s all fine and dandy but eventually it gets really, really, REALLY lonely. We might have some semblance of safety but that safety comes at a great cost to our need for connection. Walking through this world is a group effort, we’re meant to walk with our people, with our community. And yet, sometimes our people aren’t necessarily safe for us to walk with. I get the paradox, trust me.

But, perhaps at some point, you became aware of your guides and angels. Those beautiful beings that are bound to your soul through a contract you signed before you were even born. They were standing by your side when you mapped out what this life would be about. They listened intently to you and your fellow participants when you set up the relationships and determined who you would be for each other once you had arrived here on Earth. And they took diligent notes on all the goals, dreams, and desires you spoke about regarding who you wanted to be once you incarnated. The birth process caused you to forget (another part of the agreement), but they, your guides and angels, remember everything. And their entire purpose in being part of your community is to walk with you every step of the way and gently remind you who you said you wanted to be.

Every person has their own specific guidance team comprised of at least two guardian angels and one spirit guide. These three gorgeous beings are with you every single day of your life. Your spirit guide is much like a mentor or teacher, agreeing to help you master a skill or talent in this lifetime. Your guardian angels are more of a “big picture” type of support. They are helping you achieve your desired outcomes in the grand trajectory of your lifetime. Other divine beings can come and go, such as family members that you knew, ancestors that you never met, Archangels and Ascended Masters, animal spirits and the elementals. Any and all are available depending on what you are going through at that time. They come in when needed or you have the ability to call upon them. The choice is yours.

And speaking of choice…you have to ask for their assistance. That is the only catch. Guides will not just do it for you. They would never think about taking away the experience you are having, even if it’s something unpleasant. So if you are experiencing something that you would like to be supported in, you must ask for their help.

Don’t quite know how to get started? Talk to them. Ask them to step forward and make themselves known. Tell them you want to get to know them but you’re not sure how to do that. They are simply waiting for you to ask because they do not want to overwhelm or frighten you. Back in the day when I first started getting to know my guides, while driving I would turn off the radio and just talk to them. I would vent if I was having a bad day, or share my gratitude if things were going well. It didn’t matter to them, they just wanted a space to connect with me. So it’s not a difficult process, just jump in and have fun.

The point is, this life can be a rough journey, but you don’t have to do it alone. I promise. Just try it, you’ll see.

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